Waterproof Direct Spray On For Fabric Cloth Shoe Leather Jacket Camping Hiking[1 x 200ml]

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Directions For Use:
The area to be treated must be clean and dry.
Test for colorfastness in a conspicuous area of the fabric that is to be sprayed.
Spray fabric until wet.
Wipe wet area with an absorbent cloth.
If any colour rubs off - DO NOT USE.
Shake can well before use, and occasionally during spraying. Hold can upright 15-20cm (4-6 inches) from surface and spray with a slow, sweeping motion until evenly wet.
Overlap spray ares.
Allow surface to dry for at least 12 to 24 hours before using or until solvent smell is gone.
A second application will further enhance performance, making sure to include all seams and leather soles.
Test fabric for repellency with a few drops of water.
If water soaks in, apply more protector.
Re-apply after extended use.
Do not use this product on plastic, vinyl,  fibreglass or imitation suede.
For Use On:
Clothing,Tents,Traps, Sleeping Bags, Packs, Shoes and Boots, Ski/Snowboard apparel, Gloves and Hats, Maps, Ropes,
Boat-Interior, Canvas covers, Etc.

Fabric will dry within 1-2 hours.
A second application will further enhance performance. We recommend to allow fabric to cure for at least 24 to 72 hours to achieve optimum results and durability.
This product may darken some leather and suede surface.

Waterproof Spray contains: Fluorinatedpolyetheroil, Acetic, Ester, Butyl Ether, DME
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