Universal 10 Piece Car Emergency Bulb Fuse Spares H1 H4 H7 Kit Set

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Brookstone 10 Piece Universal Bulb Replacement Kit - GA28
Brand New and Sealed
Code - BR350046
Replacement kit with most popular sizes included.
Essential Kit for when travelling
E marked
Headlight Bulbs -1 x H4 60/55w
                       1 x H1 55w
                       1 x H7 55w
Bulbs -           1 x 12v/5w
                           1 x 12v 21/5w
                        1 x 12v 21w
                      1 x 12v/5w
Fuses -          1 x 15amp
                      1 x 10amp
                      1 x 20amp