Tyre Tread Digital Depth Gauge 0 - 25MM - Brake Shoe with LCD Display

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Product details:
Size Name:Tyre Tread Depth Gauge
Digital Tread Depth Gauge 
Large LCD display 
Manual power on/off 
Zero setting at any position 
Metric/Inch system interchange 
Suitable for tread depth 
Brake shoe and pad wear 
1.Range: 0-25.4mm 
2.Resolution: 0.01mm 
3.Working temp: 0-40℃ 
1.Keep the gauge clear 
2.No water oil on bar 
3.Remove battery when not use for long periods 
4.Display flashes when battery power is low 
5.Accidental display failure: take out battery for 30 seconds 
Package content: 
1*Digital gauge (included 3V battery)