TREND T46/01X1/4TC TRIMMING 12.7MM DIA X 25MM 257116

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For trimming and bevelling timber, lippings and plastic laminate edges or any shaping applications. 
Self-guiding trimmer with bearings mounted on end of cutter.
For trimming plastic or plywood overlay. 
For copy profiling, use the bearing to follow a template or base edge of board.
A 3mm approximate overlap should be left before copy profiling.
When using plastic laminate always allow laminate adhesive to dry before trimming.
This avoids clogging the guide bearing.

D=1/2 inch
D=12.7 mm
C=25 mm
B=12.7 mm
A=90 degrees
Overall length=65 mm
Shank Diameter=1/4 inch

Shank Diameter: 1/4

Diameter Imperial: 1/2

Diameter Metric: 12.7

Cut Length Metric: 25

Bearing Diameter Metric: 12.7