The Big Cheese Mouse & Rat Rodent Ultrasound Sonic Repellers 3 Per Pack

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This product uses an ultrasonic sound waves to create a noise audible to rodents that is distressing. The nature of sound waves mean that any obstruction creates a barrier and the waves cannot go any further. Areas like, for instance behind your fridge freezer/washing machine are typically very difficult to protect with sonic repellers because of the tight space as abarrier to the sound waves has been created by the appliance itself. Mice will venture back into areas where they may find food. To avoid this, best practice before using the repeller is to thoroughly clean the area and remove all possible food sources.

The repellers are a deterrent only and so vermin may venture back occasionally.
You may wish to consider also alternative methods of control such as catch and release trap or traditional baits and traps. 
Caution: Never use sonic repellers around rodent pets such as gerbils, hamsters, rabbits etc. They are safe to use near children, cats and dogs. 
No poisons, no traps!. 
3 pin plug for use in the UK
3-pack sonic repeller provides complete home protection
Continuous output of over 100dB at swept frequencies too high for people, cats and dogs to hear
Welfare-friendly deterrent that does no harm to rodents