Salvus MidBrass Universal Oven Cooker Gas Supply Hose (1.25m, 1/2") Straight Bayonet

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Brand new gas supply hose with straight bayonet end connector for all makes and models of oven / cooker. This hose features a bayonet type valved coupler which cuts off the gas supply when disconnected.

Product features
Suitable for 1st, 2nd and 3rd family gases

Bayonet type valved coupler - cuts off the supply of gas when disconnected
All connector points have passed the high temperature test - EN1775 and EN15069
Fully BS EN14800 & CE certified 
Covered by CE and Kitemark certification
Outer sheathing is UV Ray and OZONE resistant - important for outdoor LPG installations
Flexible hose that can be shaped to assist when installing in tight spaces
Suitable for LPG and natural gas

Measurements: (1.25M) x 1/2"