Rentokil Woodworm Treatment Fluid In 500ml Indoor/Outdoor Use

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Rentokil Woodworm Treatment Fluid, 500 ml

Kills woodworm larvae and adult beetles

Also kills wood rotting fungi

Ready to use

Can be used indoors and outdoors

Long-lasting protection for wood

A low odour, long lasting protection for woodworm. It kills larvae and adult beetles as well as preventing re-infestation. This product can be used indoors and out and also prevents wood boring fungus.

How to use
Follow the full instructions before use. Simply paint on using a brush onto natural wood. Test areas first if wood is particuarly sensitive. Exclude ALL pets and children before use and until after the wood is completely dry.

Where to use
Fluid can be used on natural wood, cupboards, furniture, beams and floorboards indoors. Also on fencing, posts and wood outdoors.