PunctureSafe Tyre Sealant 20 Litres - High Speed

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Prolong the life of your tyres and combat punctures before they occur with this amazing product by Puncture Safe. 
By applying this non-toxic bio-degradable formula to your tyres it will cover the whole of the inner tyre for maximum protection and can even help improve your carbon footprint with maintained air pressure. 

This revolutionary product seals punctures as they happen.
It only takes minutes to add when used in conjunction with the 4 unit hand pump dispenser (item number 153298406784) and can extend tyre life by up to 40%. 

Suitable for cars, motorcycles, touring caravans and trailers, particularly horse and livestock trailers.
It has been specifically formulated for high speeds by the experts in puncture prevention. 
A very cost effective solution for multiple vehicles.