One Handed Quick Clamp.C G Clamp.Lightweight Yet Strong. D.I.Y.Wood Clamps 150mm

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This wolfcraft one-handed clamp EHZ 65-150 is a professional grade clamping tool. With the EHZ 65-150, you can quickly, safely and conveniently clamp with just one hand. The clamp can be effortlessly converted to the spreading function at the push of a button.


The one-handed clamp has a high-quality rail that provides a high, prolonged clamping force. It features a cross groove for safely clamping round objects. Thanks to the optimal leverage, the clamping pressure is very easy to release. With the large clamping areas and jaw clearance of 65 mm, the clamping force will be distributed evenly and it's gentle to the workpiece. The one-handed clamp has ergonomic grip with a non-slip zone, which allows for easy handling and secure fastening. It is delivered with an edge clamp, that can also be bought individually in our web shop (sku: 405128).


The one-handed clamp is suitable for the wolfcraft saw table 6900000, which you can find in our web shop (sku: 405137).

Product Specifications:
  • Depth: 65 mm
  • Clamping width: 150 mm
  • Expansion range: 160-320 mm
  • Quick, safe and convenient clamping - with just one hand
  • Robust and powerful - clamping force up to 90 kg
  • Easy handling and secure fastening due to the ergonomic grip with non-slip zone
  • For professionals: Effortless conversion to the spreading function at the push of a button
  • Even distribution of the clamping force and gentle to the workpiece
  • High-quality rail that ensures a high and prolonged clamping force
  • Very easy release of the clamping pressure due to optimum leverage
  • Cross groove for safely clamping round objects
  • Suitable for wolfcraft saw table 6900000

  • SKU: 405137