Master Lock 5403D Key Safe Lock Box Wall Mount Combination Storage Durable

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Master Lock Key Safe 

No longer hide your key under the mat or flower pot! No longer spend hours looking for shed or workshop keys!

With its secret code, that you can personalise as many times as you need, Select Access will allow you to protect keys and to share keys with only the select few you give the combination!


 Larger Key Storage compartment holds increased number of house, car or padlock keys

 4 Dial Resettable Combination provides simple, set-your-own combination convenience

 Key storage door pivots open smoothly and remains attached to lockbody for convenient operation

 Reinforced Body withstands hammering and sawing

 Shutter door provides enhanced weather resistance

 Fixings included for easy attachment to any wall

 Attractive design blends with decor to minimize attention

 Outside Dimensions: 10.5cm wide x 14.6cm long x 5.1cm deep

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