Makita 100mm Diameter BiM Polystyrene & Rubber B-21462

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B-21462 Multi-Tool Serrated Seg Blade, TMA020

Flush cut in styrofoam insulation near windows. Cuts insulating boards for acoustic floor underlayment. Cut common soft and hard insulation materials.

Whether it is a renovation project or instalation work, the high quality cuttings blades will give you the perfect finish. New Multi-Tool OIS (Oscillating Interface System) on all blades. The versatile multi-faced system allows Makita blades to be fitted directly onto even more machines without the use of an adapter.

Diameter 100mm

Material Bi-Metal

Details: Polystyrene and rubber

Benefits: Able to perform long distance push cut. The segment shape allows flush cutting.

Applications: cutting of various materials such as oak wood, drywalls, plastics, copper pipes, non-hardened nails and more.

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