KIK E-Liquid e Shisha Liquid Vape Juice in 16mg,10ml Bottles Raspberry

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KiK 10ml E-Liquid Vape Juice
VG 20 PG 80 16mg Vaping Nicotine
This is a listing for 1 10ml bottle of the KiK E-Liquid range, which is specifically designed for the KiK Vape 01/02/03.

Each liquid is available in 16mg Nicotine level

All the liquids have a PG/VG Ratio of PG 80% and VG 20%
All are shrink-wrapped and tamper proof and have child proof safety caps for your peace of mind. (Some of our liquids may contain traces of nuts.)

Evoking the delectably sharp sweetness of this delicious summer fruit, KiK's Raspberry E-Liquid is crammed full of fruity goodness to really tantalise your taste buds. This Raspberry E-Liquid has a genuine taste of summer and is ideal for any vaper who loves a fruity kick to their vape.