KIK E-Liquid e Shisha Liquid Vape Juice in 16mg,10ml Bottles Docs Blend

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KiK 10ml E-Liquid Vape Juice
VG 20 PG 80 16mg Vaping Nicotine
This is a listing for 1 10ml bottle of the KiK E-Liquid range, which is specifically designed for the KiK Vape 01/02/03.

Each liquid is available in 16mg Nicotine level

All the liquids have a PG/VG Ratio of PG 80% and VG 20%
All are shrink-wrapped and tamper proof and have child proof safety caps for your peace of mind. (Some of our liquids may contain traces of nuts.)

Docs Blend
We all know that 5-a-day keeps the Doc away. That’s why we’ve combined five incredible flavours in one to make our Docs Blend E-Liquid - red grape, white grape, aniseed and menthol.
why not try our Menthol E-Liquid? Packed full of minty freshness, and offers a smooth and authentic vape.