HARRIS essentials Good Wall & Ceiling Roller Set 9"

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ARRIS Essentials Wall & Ceiling 9'' Roller Set For Use With Emulsion Paint

Do your painting in ease with this brilliant high quality 9'' roller set to be used with emulsion paint, the set contains 1 tray, 1 frame and 2 emulsion roller sleeves. It's a must have buy to be able to paint large walls quickly and cleanly. The set is perfect for achieving high quality paint coverage on large interior surfaces such as walls and other surfaces. 

 For best results, rinse roller sleeve before use to remove any loose fibres. Water based paints - Remove excess paint and wash in warm soapy water ensuring all paint is removed. Allow to dry naturally.

9" (230mm) 2 x Sleeve Harris Essentials Walls & Ceilings Roller Set

Contains 1 tray, 1 frame and 2 emulsion roller sleeves

Ideal for general painting.

For use with emulsion paints