Folding Pocket Lock Knife For Use With Stanley Blades - Not Included

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Epoxy coated, die-cast, metal body, folding pocket knife with a simple spring mechanism which enables the blade to be locked securely in the extended position or stored safely within the body. Supplied with 2 x 5901 blades. Spare blade contained in the handle.

  • Measurements:-Body of knife-110mm length-20mm wide-8mm thick. Blade is 37mm point to body, 10mm at widest while being a smidge under 1mm thick. Weight-56 grams Weather on your workbench, key ring or in your tool box or pocket this folding knife has multiple uses from everyday packaging opening/craft knife for a hobbyist or as a marking knife in woodworking for all types of joints including dovetails and of cause keeping your pencil nice and sharp. Slight niggle is to close the blade you need to pull down on the spring loaded black plastic tab at the bottom of the knife but this can be a bit fiddly, I have a piece of paracord on mine as I hang it up (I put the cord round my wrist as I've had a few of these grow legs and disappear if you get my drift ) or a keyring split ring is spot on for solving this problem. Has built in storage for spare blades and to change blades simply lay flat, remove top slotted screw, lift slightly then split body apart just work from the back side of the blades to save on plasters!