Fire Blanket TOPSPEC EURO 1.0M X 1.0M

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Topspec Euro is a Fire Blanket specifically designed and manufactured to the European Standard for Fire Blankets.
 It has better drapability than ever before whilst the efficient and durable Fire Blanket gives outstanding extinguishing power.
  It is also fitted with flame proof handles and uses Kevlar thread to ensure the blanket retains it’s integrity, giving the user confidence in the fiercest of fires. 
When removed from the container the blanket is held in the shield position protecting the user from a fire.
 When draped over a fire the blanket starves the fire of oxygen, leading to rapid extinction.
Topspec blankets can also be used to wrap around a person whose clothing is on fire and can also be wrapped around hot objects for removal to a safe place.
Topspec Euro is fully approved and independently tested to BS EN 1869:1997 and BSI Kitemarked KM32451.