Fibre Washer Kit 330 Piece ARCFWKIT

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The Fibre Washer Kit contains a large selection of washers that are ideal for general plumbing.

The washers are made from fibre and are supplied in a compartment case for easy identification. Contains the following:

270 x Red Fibre Washers: 9 x 6.4mm, 12.6 x 8.3mm, 16 x 10mm, 17.5 x 11.5mm, 19 x 13.5mm, 22 x 14.6mm & 22 x 17mm.

35 x Fibre Washers: 1in, 1/2in & 3/4in.

15 x Ball Valve Seating Washers: 1/2in & 3/4in.

10 x Top Body Washers: No. 3 & No. 4.

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