Electric Lifting Winch Hoist 250kg Scaffold Mounted for Workshop/Garage

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Perfect for use in garages and workshops, the Silverstorm Electric Hoist, with its efficient 500W motor, lifts loads of 250kg up to 6m high (when used with the supplied return pulley), or lighter loads of 125kg up to 12m in the air. This is more impressive when you consider the whole tool weighs less than 10kg, so transporting it from one site to another can be done quickly and safely with minimal risk of putting your back out!


Lifting such heavy and bulky loads can naturally pose hazards from time to time, so a thermostatic overload cut-out ensures the Silverstorm Electric Hoist is never put under too much strain. For user safety it is fitted with an emergency stop switch, quickly withdrawing power and ceasing movement when pressed. You can also make use of the automatic switch-off lever so that the machine powers off at the end of its operation.


A heavy 250kg item can be lifted at a rate of 4m per minute