Drain Rods Set Flue Chimney Drain Brush Worm Screw Plunger Drop Scraper Bag etc[Wire Tube Brush 150mm]

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    Plunger head 100 mm ideal to force through obstructions.

    Drop scrapper head 100 mm moves over obstruction, drops into place, pulling obstruction back to operator.

    Drain rod bag moisture resistant material with zip and carry handle, 920 mm.

    Guide wheel head guides rods around tight or difficult bends, pushing obstruction clear.

    Double worm screw head 50 mm will break up obstructions

    Drain brush head 100 mm coarse bristled drain brush ideal to remove debris from drain walls.

    Wire tube brush strong wire construction choice 100 mm or 150 mm.

    Flue brush head 250 mm ideal for removing debris from flue walls.

    Chimney brush head 400 mm attaches to the drain rods for chimney cleaning.

    Drain rod  4 pack contains 4 x 920 mm polypropylene rods, Universal zinc plated joints, crimped and riveted to the rods for added strength.

    Drain rod set 12 piece- 10 X 920mm rods for general purpose domestic drain cleaning, universal joints crimped and riveted rods, double worm screw end breaks up obstructions and the plunger creates a build up of pressure forcing obstructions to clear. Supplied in a waterproof drawstring bag.
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