DeWalt Jigsaw Blade Set XPC High-Perfomance 82 mm to 100 mm DT2215

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The new XPC Jigsaw tools are designed to produce extremely controlled and accurate cuts and provide you with best durability and robustness.
The technology unique plunge poin allows the blade to immerse yourself in the woods and derived from wood with ease. Durability - Optimised tooth geometry, torso made from top quality stainless steel and reinforced teeth and use a blade ensure the longevity of the blades.
The thicker tool body precision and control, the more aggressive attack angle and optimised geometry of the teeth provide more control and more precise cuts.
Cuts clean - The tooth has been designed to limit to shatter the crisp and clean cuts.
Cutting speed - Rapid evacuation of the right or thanks to the integration of the spaces between the teeth.
Les lames bi-métal ensure a 2 x longer life span than a quality XPC HCS