4 x Navigator Copper End Feed Slip Coupling - 28mm

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The copper End feed fittings are a simple, reliable and cost-effective method of joining copper pipework. They are suitable for use on hot and cold water services, heating installations, fuel services and industrial engineering applications. The fittings are suitable in low-pressure gas pipework for domestic premises using copper tube manufactured to EN 1057.

The tried and tested solution for many professional installers. Supplied to the trade for decades installing first and second fix installations in the domestic housing market. Many of the most common items in the house are installed using the end feed fittings, from kitchen sink taps to adding radiators to existing heating systems.

Lightweight and neat enabling handling and installation fast and easy. The compact design makes them the perfect choice where space is limited. The smooth lines help minimise flow restriction and are unobtrusive on the exposed pipework.

To make a solder connection, a chemical flux is applied to the inner sleeve of a joint and the pipe is inserted. The joint is then heated using a propane or mapp gas torch. Lead or lead-free solder is then applied to the heated joint and the molten solder is drawn into the joint by Capillary action as the flux vaporises.

WRAS approval makes these copper plumbing fittings suitable for use with drinking water in the UK, both hot and cold among other applications.

Connecting coupling pipe to pipe

For use on hot & cold systems & heating installations

Lightweight, Compact & Economical

Leak-free & Durable

Rodent & Corrosion resistant


25-year guarantee

EN 1254-1 & WRAS approved

Don’t forget your flux, solder, gas and torch

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