Bosch 6-Piece 1/4" Straight Router Bit Set 2607017467 Milling Cutter

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Bosch Straight 1/4in Shank Router Bit Set 6pc 2607017467

The Bosch 2607017467 Straight 1/4in Shank Router Bit Set 6pc is the ideal set of bits for carpenters, jointers, and other woodworkers. Each bit in this set features a carbide cutting edge, which delivers a long and reliable cutting life. These bits can rout a wide range of profiles across a variety of materials due to the diversity of cutting geometries. These bits are best used in hard wood, soft wood, and wood composites, and the set includes a range of the most commonly used straight router bits. Stored in a robust storage case with transparent cover, this set can be easily transported to wherever they're needed. The shank has a diameter of 1/4in, making them compatible with most 1/4in handheld routers. Ideal for DIY enthusiasts and trade professionals.

Features and Benefits:

Ideal for a range of applications for woodworkers.

Carbide cutting edges ensure a long working life.

A variety of profiles in many different materials is possible thanks to various cutting geometries.

Manufactured according to safety standards of DIN EN-847.

Technical Specification:

Type - Router Bits

Box contents

3 x 2-cutting groove cutters 50/54/60 mm

3 x 3-cutting groove cutters - 60/60/60 mm.

Compatible with - routers with 1/4 inch tool holder of all power tool brands.

Supplied With:

1 x Bosch 2607017467 Straight 1/4in Shank Router Bit Set 6